This site, based at the University of Waikato, is an experiment. The writer (unless otherwise indicated) is singular (Terry Locke). If you checked me out by clicking on the hotlink, you'd find out that one of the things I do is to train secondary English teachers. One of the research projects I have been involved with has been investigating the impact of ICTs on literacy learning and teaching.

In initiating this site, I am recognising that writing has always been a technologised practice. The materials of writing, be they papyrus, slate, stylus, pen, paper, pencil or computer-based digitalised code have a part to play in the ways we write and read.

Nowadays, what might be called the genres of writing (you might like to use terms like text-types and forms) are in the process of transformation under the pressure of new technologies.

This site can be thought of as a material inquiry into the transformative potential of electronic hypertext in respect of traditionally print-based genres. That's why Coleridge's famous definition of poetry as "best words in the best order" has itself been transformed. There is no one order (sequence) in hypertext.

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