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1999 Project Team Report

The English Study Design in Detail

 A Guide to Planning and Assessment

Cedric Hall: Report on the 1998 year 12 trial

 Terry Locke: "Assessment Standards: What's in a Name?"

 The 1999 Reference Test Trial

 Achievement 2001: Update and Forum

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Ministry Forums


The Ministry of Education has run a number of forums drawing together school principals and PPTA representatives but virtually no representatives from the academic community. It is clearly in the Ministry's interests to obtain the compliance of school principals and the teacher unions. Forum discussions have been wide ranging, but have still been circumscribed the non-negotiable nature of most structural aspects of the NCEA.

The following links will take you to a critical summary and discussion of the various Ministry Forums.

 The September 1999 Forum: Can we avoid the iceberg!

 The November 1999 Forum: More of the same?



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